My passion is simple…I love to work with clients to show you how to grow your business and make more profit. You deserve your blood, sweat and tears to reward you with a business that is a profitable and works without you. 

I help you create and deliver real competition crushing sales and marketing strategies. You will increase your turnover and improve profit on the bottom line.

Together with clients I also enable them to ‘close the gap’ on many business fundamentals. These include and address the many areas that a business owner loses sleep over. In short, together with you, we get the business driving and performing ahead of your peers. 

The tools that my clients access are world class and simple to use. New clients might say things like: ‘I wish my sales performance would be better and less hassle’. But soon they start to say: ‘my profits have grown by 40% and the improvements continue to happen every day’.

I love challenge. Making business fun, exciting and rewarding for the whole team is my constant goal. As a result, my clients work with me for a long time. And I appreciate that value achieved is always measured in lasting relationships. 

During my 40+ years in corporate life I have served as Chair and Board member on many companies. My home city of Glasgow in Scotland awarded me their inaugural ‘Gold Medal for Business’.


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